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Hands-on Workshop

Hands-on Workshop

An important part of the Airway management background is getting skills on handling the devices that are used for a safe control of the airway. The EAC 2022 Hands-on workshop offers you the possibility to solve doubts and improve your technical skills during a 3-hour practical session.

One of the main goals of EAMS is to promote teaching airway management, so we are keen to make this workshop as useful and rewarding as possible.

There will be 6 different stations where you can practice with the devices guided by airway management experts from all over the world with an excellent expert/attendant ratio:

1) Fiberoptic bronchoscopy. Try it by oral or nasal routes and being in front of the patient

2) Videolaryngoscopy. Which one of the devices are you looking for to handle with?

3) Ultrasounds and the airway. Learn how to identify the neck structures by US

4) Front Of Neck Access. Do you prefer scalpel or percutaneous technique? Seldinger based or not?

5) Oxygenation systems. The different interphases and modalities

6) Supraglottic devices. Alternative to intubation or conduit to intubate?


Do not miss this great opportunity!! Congress registration fee includes your participation in the Hands-on workshop.